Hospital Board of Trustees

Valor Health is governed by its Hospital Board of Trustees, which consists of nine members.Board members of the hospital are appointed by the Board of Gem County Commissioners (the “County Board”) for terms of three years and until a successor is appointed and qualified. Members of the Hospital Board must be residents of the county and are selected from various localities of the county. The Hospital Board, at its discretion, may change the number of board members with the minimum being five members and the maximum being fifteen.

The Hospital Board is charged with the care, custody, upkeep, management and operation of all property belonging to the county and devoted to hospital purposes. The Hospital Board is responsible for all money received by the hospital, must provide monthly financial reports to the County Board and must publish an annual financial statement reflecting financial operations of the hospital. The board meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 am.

The current officers and members of the hospital board are as follows:

Anita Taylor – Chair

Shane Roe- Vice Chair

Dave Shaw – Past Chair

Judy Barbera

Bill Butticci (County Commissioner)

Dan Chadwick

Earl DeFur

Mark Maxfield

David Obermeyer

Robin Sebastian, MD- Medical Staff President

Brad Turpen, CEO