Medical Records

Access to your health information or medical records is available in the Health Information Management Department. Valor is also in the process of implementing electronic health records to enhance your access to medical information.

The Health Information Management Department maintains and safeguards the confidentiality of medical record information in accordance with the patient’s right to privacy and legal  requirements governing such.

The medical record and its contents are the property of Valor Health however, patients and their legal representatives are entitled to  inspect or obtain copies of the information contained within it.

How do I obtain a copy of my medical record?

All copies of medical records are released only from the Health Information  Management Department. Also, be advised that your medical record does not contain billing  information. Contact the Billing Department to obtain copies  of billing records you may need.

You may obtain copies by completing an authorization to release form in order to allow for disclosure of your records to yourself or to another entity.  This form must be used,  as handwritten letters from the patient will not be  accepted as authorization to disclose records.