About Us

To know more about us is to know more about the health history of our community.

Now known as Valor Health, we have been the healthcare leader in Gem County for more than 50 years. We provide access to primary, emergency and acute care services with a focus on improving our community’s health. As the healthcare needs of our growing area continue to change, we must also evolve, rising to meet the changing healthcare landscape while maintaining our focus on the individual and making you feel like family.

We are proud and honored to have carried the Walter Knox name for decades. As we evolve, we’ve renamed our organization to more accurately reflect our commitment to our valued patients and making our community healthier and stronger.

We are Valor Health

“Valor” means strength, courage and worth — words that reflect the fortitude of Emmett’s proud pioneer heritage as well as our renewed focus on patient needs, improving community health and transforming how healthcare is delivered. The Valor name reflects the personal bravery of our patients in the face of adversity, as well as our pride and courage as we stand by them, helping to make them healthier and stronger.

We’re different because we care about individual relationships and a sense of family. By focusing on patient needs and improving community health, we know we can transform how healthcare is delivered — right here in Emmett.

We’re Available to Serve You

For more information about what Valor Health can do for you, feel free to reach out anytime either through our contact page or by phone at (208) 365-3561.

From expert care in a variety of medical fields to providing valuable jobs for our area, Valor Health is an important part of our community.

To know more about us is to know more about how we serve our community. You don’t need to go to Boise or Meridian for health care. It’s all here in Emmett with Valor Health.

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