In the Community

Community Benefit

At Valor Health, our goal is to promote health in Emmett Idaho and beyond. The Community Relations department provides a variety of health promotion activities, with a focus on wellness and disease prevention, self-care for health and illness, and utilization of area resources.

Valor Health provides mission-driven outreach to our area and supports the health needs of underserved persons and to improve the overall health and well-being of our area through:

  • Outreach
  • Involvement
  • Helping those in need
  • Improving and adding services
  • Quality and patient satisfaction
  • Volunteerism


Gem County Health Needs Assessment

Valor Health Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is designed to help us better understand the most significant health challenges facing the individuals and families in Gem County. The information, conclusions, and needs identified in our assessment will assist the hospital in:

  • Developing health improvement programs for our area
  • Providing better care
  • Defining our operational and strategic plans
  • Fulfilling our mission: "To be the community health care leader by providing quality health care and improving the health of those we serve."

2015 Community Benefit report available here


For more information about how you can learn more about Valor Health and what we do for Emmett and the surrounding area, feel free to contact us anytime either online or by phone at (208) 365-3561.