Mission, Vision, & Values


We are dedicated to you and your family, and we are thankful for your trust in us. We promise to serve you with our mission, vision, and values guiding us in everything we do. 








Valor Health’s mission is to improve the wellness and health of all generations in our region, today and into the future. We strive for a healthy, vibrant community earning trust with integrity and compassionate service, honoring the individual dignity of each person we serve.


Our extraordinary focus on the individual is how we define wellness and healthcare. We earn trust and ensure peace of mind through high quality, compassionate care.


ACCOUNTABILITY: Caring for community members is our cherished purpose. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve. We own our past and control our future.

LEADERSHIP: All at Valor Health are leaders. We lead with vision, innovation, and courage. We take our responsibility as stewards of our community wellness seriously.

INTEGRITY: We earn trust by behaving with honor, through respecting the value of every individual. We are passionate team members, focused on fulfilling our long term commitment to the community we serve.

VISION: We anticipate and prepare for the changing needs of our community. We work together to fulfill Valor Health’s mission. We learn, adapt, and continuously improve, as individuals and as a unified team. 

EXCELLENCE: Above all, we strive for patient and community-focused excellence. We focus on delivering unequaled, compassionate service with exceptional quality, while remaining a strong, enduring organization. 

For more information about how you can learn more about Valor Health and what we do for Emmett and the surrounding area, feel free to contact us anytime either online or by phone at (208) 365-3561.