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Behavioral Health Services at Valor Health Family Medicine

By Camille Evans, Behavioral Health Manager at Valor Health

Camille Evans, LMSW
Camille Evans, LMSW

Behavioral health, which includes emotional and mental health, is essential for a healthier, happier, and more complete life. Unfortunately, behavioral health is often overlooked, or there aren’t enough resources available for people to get the help they need. Assessments of Gem County indicate a significant need for behavioral health services. Statewide, there is a shortage of behavioral health professionals with a ratio of one provider to every 1,240 residents, compared to the national average of one provider to every 510 people. 

Part of your Valor Health Family Medicine Team

At Valor Health, your family medicine provider uses a whole-person approach to connect you to the care you need—including behavioral health services. Providers work directly with the Valor Health behavioral health specialist and together, they customize a plan so you’re able to get the right care at the right time. 

Depression is More Common than You Think

Whatever your situation, please know you are not alone. Millions of people struggle with depression, anxiety, and mental health issues. Our expert team at Valor Health is dedicated to helping you and those you love. There is no judgement. There is no shame. There is only compassionate care from individuals dedicated to providing the care, coping strategies and help you deserve. 

Mental Health can Affect Physical Health

Of course, everyone has bad days. But when bad days turn into bad weeks—or months—and impact your job, relationships or quality of life, it is vital for you to get the help you need. Talk to your family medicine provider and explain what you are feeling and experiencing. He or she will connect you to the care you need before your mental health worsens. 

Help Your Kids Become Happier and Healthier 

Woman with child, showing that your behavioral health is important.

Studies show a parent’s declining mental health has a negative impact on their children. Getting the care you need, including learning coping strategies, tools to handle stress, help understanding your condition or getting medication from your provider, can help your entire family live more balanced, healthier lives. 

The healthy development of children and adolescents includes their mental health, too. If you think your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, or you have noticed other concerning signs, talk to his or her provider who can guide your child to the right care. 

Mental Health Impacts EVERYTHING

Every part of your life is made better when mental health is better. Job performance, relationships, parenting and managing the many complexities of everyday life are all easier with the proper support, tools, and care.

Behavioral health issues can be scary, but the team at Valor Health understands and is here to help. Talk to your family medicine provider and get the important care you need—and deserve. 

To schedule an appointment at Valor Health, please call 208-365-6004 and ask to be scheduled with a Behavioral Health Consultant.