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Collaboration with University of Utah

Valor Health and University of Utah Health Relationship Improves Access to Healthcare in Emmett, Idaho

Affiliation agreement lays out framework for how the two organizations will collaborate to ensure residents of Emmett, Idaho, and surrounding communities have access to resources from one of the country’s top academic medical centers.

Emmett, Idaho – Valor Health remains a vibrant and independent critical access health system owned by Gem County. Often, our strength is enhanced through partnerships with outside entities and we are proud of the relationship that has been established with Salt Lake City-based University of Utah Health. This partnership has extended healthcare resources to Emmett and the surrounding communities, particularly in the area of ongoing clinical education and training. Since late 2017, Valor Health and University of Utah have been “better together”, improving the quality of care delivered by our rural system.

The relationship also allows Valor Health physicians to discuss patient treatments and diagnoses with the team at University of Utah Health and the potential to provide improved patient access for medical specialties not available in the Treasure Valley and only available at a large academic medical center setting.

The relationship also offers Valor the opportunity to benefit from the work the University of Utah is doing around staff development and business efficiency. This partnership allows Valor Health to take advantage of the educational opportunities associated with an academic medical center in both clinical and non-clinical areas.

Valor Health CEO, Brad Turpen, shared, “Through this affiliation, University of Utah Health has made advanced clinical care and research, multi-disciplinary approaches to patient care, and various educational opportunities available for our physicians and staff.  Valor Health values this partnership because we want to enhance the quality and breadth of patient care provided to Gem County residents. Through access to the unique services of UUH, we are able to improve both clinical and operational efficiencies in delivering patient care at Valor.”
The relationship does not change ownership by Gem County, local control and governance, or restrict patient choice in providers.

For more information, contact Valor Health Administration at (208) 901-3209.