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Community Generosity and Donations Aid Valor Health

Valor Health received a generous grant of $60,000 from the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation

Valor Health, Emmett, Idaho- 2020 has presented challenges to everyone, and Valor Health is no exception. COVID-19 has strained healthcare systems across the country and caused people to postpone and cancel preventive care and other treatments. All of this has strained revenues in an existing financially challenging critical access healthcare system.  Valor Health’s silver lining of the COVID-19 cloud is community generosity.

Valor Health is a county-owned healthcare organization that does not receive funding through taxes. In fact, Valor hasn’t received any tax dollars from Gem County since the early 1990’s and is one of few county owned hospitals that doesn’t rely on this type of financial assistance. That is why grants and donations are so important to Valor Health. In response to this need, the Valor Health Foundation was formed in 2019, with a mission to engage and educate community members in order to raise and invest philanthropic resources to support the mission and vision of Valor Health. Since their creation, the Foundation has already donated funds to update the birthing rooms at the hospital and to help support and recognize staff throughout the year.

Recently, Valor Health received a generous grant of $60,000 from the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation. This grant is being used to purchase fetal heartbeat monitoring equipment for newborns, enhancing obstetrics and childbirth services in our community

Another generous donation received by the foundation was a stock donation from Doctor James and Laurey Thomson. This donation provided the beginnings of a financial endowment that will support and enhance the healthcare system for all of Gem County, today and into the future.

Earlier in the pandemic, The Brad and Teresa Little Fund donated $10,000 that Valor decided to use to purchase personal protective equipment and other crucial supplies required to prepare for and respond to COVID-19 challenges.

The Valor Health Auxiliary is also a proud partner of the Valor Health Foundation and continues to provide funding to the organization. The most recent purchase being Vital Signs Monitoring equipment.

We thank all of our previous donors who have contributed to the success of Valor Health and we appreciate all gifts, large or small. For more information, or if you are interested in donating, please visit our foundation page.