COVID-19 Screening Information

COVID-19 Testing Guidelines

CDC Testing Criteria guidelines have recently changed to allow more testing:

  • Presence of fever (above 100.4) and/or respiratory symptoms (e.g. cough, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest) and/or GI symptoms AND Contact with someone who has tested positive or Health care worker or
  • Resident or recent discharge from a long-term care facility or
  • Chronic Medical Condition (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Chronic Lung Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease) or
  • Immune compromised (including pregnancy)

You can use the CDC symptom checker HERE.

Respiratory Illness Triage Tent

We have established a Respiratory Illness Triage Tent for screening and testing.  We ask anyone arriving in person with fever, cough, sneezing, and sore throat to be triaged in the tent.  Please note: If you arrive needing medical care, you will be directed appropriately (i.e.: immediate attention to ED).  If you present and don’t meet the criteria for testing, you will be sent home to conserve resources.


  • Monday – Friday 8am-7pm
  • Saturday – 8am-5pm

Location:  Valor Health Urgent Care/Emmett Medical Center,
1102 E Locust St., Emmett