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Electronic Health Record Optimization Update- Coming March 19th, 2022

We are making some changes to our Electronic Health Record to better serve you!

Changes will occur Saturday, March 19th

Patients: This may affect scheduling and registration for sometime after the optimization. Please be patient with our staff as we continue to improve the way healthcare is delivered in Gem County!

How does Cerner- Valor Health’s Electronic Health Record- aid my provider in increasing my access to care?

Leveraging an ecosystem of virtual, remote, and mobile services and technology, your provider is able to provide you with greater access to care and enable collaboration among your care team. Through the use of the Cerner Patient Engagement Tools, your care team is able to track your progress and proactively engage with you, enabling the delivery of timely, quality, and cost-effective anywhere.

How does Cerner aid my provider in improving my outcomes?

Our patient engagement tools support our organization in having a better understanding of your health status and risk areas. Upon understanding these pieces of information, your provider can proactively engage with you in a more personalized way, promoting disease prevention and overall health.

How does Cerner promote increased care team communication and collaboration?

We believe you play a vital role in your care team. The more involved you are in your health and care the more likely you are to follow your prescribed regimen and make a more informed decision. Our patient engagement tolls help you and your care team facilitate this involvement.

What tools does Cerner make available to promote tracking of my health and care activities?

We believe you deserve a digital health care experience that is simple and helps you effectively manage your health and care, and we are at a point where remote monitoring and real-time, meaningful intervention will change the way you engage in your health. Our patient engagement tools empower you to manage your health and care in new ways through tolls such as video visits, patient monitoring, patient portal, and wellness program.

Learn more about the Valor Patient Portal and talk to your healthcare team today about how to utilize this tool to better your health.