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Hearing Test for Every Infant Born

Emmett, Idaho- Every infant born at Valor Health Hospital will receive a complete initial hearing screening performed by trained nursing staff, thanks to the most recent purchase by the Valor Health Auxiliary. The Natus Algo 3i is a fast and effective handheld tool that evaluates the neural pathway in one single step, assessing both ears at the same time, detecting early hearing loss or possible hearing concerns. The State of Idaho recommends that initial screening be completed within 1 month of delivery, with necessary interventions by 6 months of age. The earlier diagnosis can occur, the more likely interventions and treatment are found successful. If an infant fails the initial screening, immediate follow-up with an audiologist can be scheduled before the family leaves the hospital.  The results are then reported to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare as they work to track and provide assistance to families.

The addition of this new tool provides the best assessment and screening for the Emmett Community’s infants.  “Providing this immediate care is most beneficial and helpful as many Emmett families have a difficult time traveling to other locations to meet appointments during the first 30 days after delivery,” shared Valor Health Obstetric Nurse Manager, Angela Phillips, RN.  “As we strive to provide exceptional obstetric and infant care within the Valor Health system, we are excited and proud to offer this state-of-the art assessment tool to all our Valor families.”

The Valor Health Auxiliary is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Valor Heath through fundraising activities and volunteer work. For more information or to join, please contact Marianne Chaney at (208) 440-1038 or Jan Baldwin at (208) 365-7489.