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I like Smoking, Why Quit

Written by C. Rizzo, RRT/ RPFT/AE-c

You have heard all the reasons to quit, but you like smoking, why quit? With all the stress in your life, quitting smoking is one more stress that you don’t feel that you need at this time, right? How bad could it be, I mean I know lots of people who smoke, and they are OK? It hasn’t bothered me or my family, so what’s the big deal anyway?

The fact is that 1st hand smoke contains at least 4800 chemicals, many of which are carcinogens (cancer causing components) that are added by the tobacco manufactures. Smoke that is breathed in by people around you, your children, friends and coworkers, breath in the same cancer-causing components that affect smokers directly, causing cancer, heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. This is called 2nd hand smoke because these people are not putting the cigarette to their own mouth and smoking directly. When you smoke, some of the nicotine is absorbed into your skin and when you touch another person, this nicotine is absorbed from your touch into their blood stream passing on this poison to the next person. This is called 3rd hand smoke and can still cause heart disease and cardiovascular disease in whomever you touch with this nicotine. Nicotine is a neurotoxin that can be spread from person to person by touch.

Could you use a raise? The fact is that when you become a non-smoker, all of your insurances go down allowing you to keep more of your money; a raise. According to the American Lung Association, a study found that for each employee or dependent that quit smoking found a savings of a least $210 in the first year via savings in medical and life insurance costs. In Idaho, the average smoker can save up to $2540.00 annually based on current costs, by quitting smoking. Added to the saving are cleaning and maintenance costs, as well as not having decreased resale values of automobiles and homes.

Happy Family

Why quit? How about for your own life and health, or the life and health of your children and spouse, or the life and health of your pets. The damage caused by you to your family and pets is irreversible and the monies wasted are gone forever. Act now before the damage is too great and the loss is catastrophic. The only winner when it comes to smoking is the tobacco companies and retailers that marked up the product and more of your money. Choose life and quite now.

Valor Health is proud to offer our community a Free Smoking Cessation Class Series, sponsored by Southwest District Health and instructed by educator and clinician, Carl Rizzo, RRT, RPFT, AE-c. This 4-part class series runs April 1-4, 2019 at 6:00 pm at the Valor Health Community Education Classroom located at 1024 Fernlee Street. For more information, please contact Staci Carr, Community Engagement (208) 901-3212.