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Integrated Behavioral Health services now offered in Valor Health

Valor Health is highly committed to meeting the healthcare needs of the members of our community. As we strive to reach this goal, we recognize that health and wellness means meeting not only the physical and medical needs of the community but also the emotional, behavioral and mental health needs. Community assessments have demonstrated a high need for additional behavioral and mental health services.

In fact, the entire state of Idaho is considered a shortage area for behavioral health providers. Gem County falls far short of national averages with one mental health provider per 1,240 residents as compared to 1 provider per 510 residents across the county. This means our community has the opportunity to greatly improve access to care for residents.

To assist in meeting this need, Valor Health’s Primary Care Clinic is now offering Integrated Behavioral Health services. Behavioral Health Services help patients improve their overall health and quality of life through brief interventions focused on behavioral change. These services are offered in primary care clinics to decrease barriers for patients and make it easier for patients with a wide variety of needs to get the care they need and deserve. Camille Evans, LMSW has joined the care team to provide services within the primary care clinic setting.

“As a member of the care team it is a privilege to be able to work alongside the providers to help patients make lifestyle changes and develop effective coping strategies to improve their overall health. Many times people just need a safe place to learn a few skills or set some goals to help them better meet their own needs. I have also been able to assist patients in crisis, working with them to develop a plan and access the most appropriate services.” Camille Evans, LMSW

As part of these services Valor Health and Cornerstone Whole Healthcare were awarded Cambia Health Foundation Healthy People Healthy Communities Award. The grant focuses on developing a model to better serve marginalized patients in rural communities. Through this partnership Valor Health will work to develop a plan for better personalized care to support innovative strategies that eliminate disparities and create whole-person integrated care models that help people get what they need to lead their best and healthiest lives.