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OB Csection simulation event

Valor Health, Emmett, Idaho- Valor Health staff participated in an emergent cesarean section delivery simulation on January 24th. The simulation team was made up of over 50 participants, including nursing and surgery staff, providers, and volunteer participants playing the roles of actors and observers. During the C-section simulation, staff worked with an expecting mother who was experiencing complications. The team identified the complication, and the laboring physician made the decision that an emergent delivery was necessary. The nursing staff prepped the patient and family for surgery, transferred patient from labor suite to the operating room, and went through the motions of surgery, as they would in a real-life situation. The team used strategic communication skills and medical knowledge to maneuver through what would be a high-stress situation, completing a successful surgery and a positive outcome for mom and baby.

Valor Health Medical-Surgical and OB Nurse Manager, Angie Phillips, RN, is very proud of her team and the collaboration across departments.

“Thankfully this type of situation doesn’t happen often in our community, however, the importance of having staff prepared for emergent situations is key to delivering the best healthcare in our rural community. Simulations are a safe, learning environment for participants to look for areas of opportunity and improvement, allowing for process change that can create a better patient experience and outcome. Our team walked away with additional knowledge and a confidence in their skill. It was a very successful event.”

Simulations prepare healthcare staff for both common and uncommon situations, keeping education and skills sharp. Valor Health provides quarterly simulation training events, focused on a variety of situations. Previous simulations have covered hot load training (helicopter live patient transfers), STEMI (stabilization of heart attack patient) and many times includes other emergency service entities within our community. Just this past spring, Valor participated in a Gem County/ Community wide simulation that included police, fire, and ambulance. To learn more please contact Valor Health Community Engagement at (208) 901-3212.