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Patient and Family Advisory Council

Part of Valor Health’s focus on a stronger connection to the community it serves is to improve patient and family experiences through Patient and Family Engagement (PFE). The Valor Health Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is an advisory resource to leadership and team members within the organization to support efforts to improve health system quality, safety, and patient experiences. The purpose of the council is to empower community members to partner with the organization in nurturing a patient and family-centered culture in the delivery of comprehensive and compassionate health care.

What does an Advisor do?


An Advisor must have been a patient or family member of a patient who utilized services at Valor Health within the last three years or is a Valor Health Volunteer in good standing. An advisor must be a full-time resident of Gem County.

We ask that Advisors:

  • Listen and share opinions respectfully
  • Offer solutions for improvement
  • Work collaboratively with other advisors, Valor Health team members, and other community leaders

For more information, please contact: Valor Health Administration at (208) 901-3209 or email

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