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Patient-Centered Medical Home or PCMH

Your Patient-Centered Medical Home, or “PCMH”, care team at Valor Health puts YOU at the center of care, creating a personalized plan to meet your health goals. 

Graph illustrating what is PCMH or Patient-centered Medical Home.

The following team members work together to provide you with the right care at the right time. 

  • Your Primary Care Provider
  • Healthcare Support Staff
  • Behavioral Health Consultant
  • Chronic Care Manager
  • Coordination with Specialist Services
  • Community Support Agencies

Your PCMH team will ….

  • Help you play an active role in managing your health
  • Work with you to make a personalized plan that focuses on your health needs and goals
  • Promote wellness and healthy lifestyle
  • Treat behavioral and mental health needs
  • Coordinate the care you get among different healthcare professionals
  • Increase access to your healthcare team through the patient portal, phone calls, telehealth, and same-day appointments
  • Use technology to stay on top of your health issues
  • Increase understanding about your health
  • Provide coaching, education, and advice to help you reach your health goals

After Hours and Weekends: Access to Medical Provider for emergencies, available from 8pm to 8am. Talk to your healthcare team for more information.

Additional Resources: A Patient’s Guide and What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

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It is not a place… It’s a partnership with your primary care team. We care about you while caring for you. 
No es un lugar…Es una asociacion con su equiipo de atencion primaria. Nos preocupamos por usted mientras lo cuidamos. 
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