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A New Chapter in Pediatric Care

Valor Health Pediatrics

For the best healthcare for your children, look no further than the pediatric team at Valor Health, where our team knows it’s crucial to develop a strong, trusting relationship between parent, child, and pediatric provider. We offer comprehensive pediatric care to support your kids, no matter their age, and our convenient location means you won’t have to venture far from home.

Location: 1102 E Locust Street in Emmett, Idaho (Directions)
Phone: (208) 365-6004
Fax: (208) 365-3589

This pediatric care is available at Valor Health’s Family Medicine Clinic, which is recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH).

Pediatrician, Dr. Zachary Fox

Our pediatrician, Dr. Zachary Fox, and his team can support your kids with:

→ Complex and chronic pediatric medical conditions
→ NICU/PICU aftercare
→ Child mental health screenings
→ Child wellness visits
→ Pediatric developmental care
→ School immunizations
→ School and sports physicals

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Fox today, or learn more, by calling 208-365-6004!

Why Child Wellness Visits are So Critical?

Child wellness visits are vital to assessing your child’s growth and development, such as through measurements like blood pressure, height, weight, hearing screenings, vision screenings, and more. These visits also play an important role in preventing more serious health issues, as well as helping to identify such health concerns if they exist.

There are essentially four elements of a child wellness visit: behavioral, physical, screening tests, and anticipatory guidance. Anticipatory guidance is given by the provider to the parent or guardian, so they can understand the expected growth and development of their children.

During a child wellness visit, the provider will engage with your child and you, asking questions about family history, sleep, exercise, eating habits, and more.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends seven child wellness visits for children between the ages of 1 and 4. After four years of age, it’s recommended that children visit a pediatrician for a child wellness visit at least once a year. However, this is a general recommendation, and providers may recommend more frequent visits for children with specific needs or health concerns.