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Service Spotlight: Swing Bed or Transitional Care

Valor Health offers extended skilled nursing and rehabilitation services to our community. This service, known as Swing Bed or Transitional Care, is a special program reserved for rural hospitals that allows you to recover from an accident, illness, or surgery in a home-like environment, close to home. This program is widely covered by Medicare and most private insurance companies.

Bill’s Experience with Transitional Care

Typical Room for Transitional Care Patients

Recently, Valor Health Case Manager, Camille Evans received a call from a Boise hospital regarding a patient that was needing rehabilitation after a very lengthy stay at their hospital.  This patient, let’s call him Bill, had suffered from a very serious infection in his leg with multiple complications and needed a facility where he could receive additional and specialized care, for an extended period. 

He was transferred to Valor Health and began receiving care from skilled nurses and occupational and physical therapists, working with him daily. He needed help doing most things and at first, his progress was very slow. After a couple of weeks, he could be found traveling up and down the hospital hallways in his wheelchair, exercising his arms and legs.

Independence through Transitional Care

After about six weeks, he had gained enough muscle strength in his legs to hold his own weight.  He stayed at Valor Health for almost 11 weeks and by the time he left he was able to walk with a walker, dress, and was moving toward independence. The day Bill moved into his new assisted living home there were tears in his eyes, as well as the staff that had been caring for him. 

This program allowed for Bill to receive the detailed care that he needed from caring staff and helped him find placement after his visit at Valor had ended.

If you are considering surgery or looking for a program that allows recovery and rehabilitation in Gem County, contact Valor Health Case Management at (208) 901-3206.