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Thank you, Auxiliary Volunteers!

Auxiliary volunteers at Valor Health in Emmett, ID.

Throughout the years, the Valor Health Auxiliary Volunteers have raised and donated thousands of dollars of medical equipment to Valor Health, as well as educational scholarships, benefiting local high school students and Valor Health employees looking to further their clinical professions. Earlier this year, the Auxiliary made the difficult decision to dissolve, as membership continued to decrease and fundraising opportunities declined due to the pandemic.

Thank you mugs from the Valor Health Auxiliary.

Valor Health CEO Brad Turpen shared this message with our Auxiliary members, thanking them for their years of service.

Dear Valor Health Auxiliary Volunteers,

For more than 65 years, the Hospital Auxiliary worked diligently and selflessly to support healthcare in Emmett and to nurture those seeking care. With a sole mission of raising funds to support Valor Health—and its core values of Accountability, Leadership, Integrity, Vision, and Excellence—the Hospital Auxiliary’s service has long benefitted the residents of the Gem community.

Over the years, members of the Auxiliary have served as attendants at the information desk, as operators of the hospital’s gift shop, and as patient greeters. They have also worked tirelessly to raise funds through participation in and organization of events such as the annual Plant Sale, the Festival of Wreaths, the Christmas Bazaar, the annual Yard Sale, a Tea and Fashion Show, spring and fall luncheons, and the hospital’s Health Fair.

Valor Health and the residents of Gem County have greatly benefitted from the medical equipment and continuing education scholarships that were funded by the more than $140,000 dollars raised by the Hospital Auxiliary. We acknowledge and appreciate that the foundation of our success is built upon you and your commitment to both the hospital and the community it serves.

The contributions of each and every member of the Hospital Auxiliary over the past six decades are valued and appreciated. Your members’ kindness, generosity, and philanthropic spirits have made a lasting impact. Your service and dedication to Valor Health have strengthened the high quality of care we provide for our patients and residents. Thank you for your support, hard work, and heart for service. We hope that you will continue to use your time and skills to serve our community through other service organizations.

Brad Turpen, CEO
Valor Health

Auxiliary volunteers in the center of the hospital at Valor Health in Emmett, Id