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To the Patients of Dr. Brett Mumford

Dr. Mumford at Valor Health Hospital.

Dr. Brett Mumford has made the decision to leave Valor Health Family Medicine to go into independent practice. His last day with our primary care clinic will be July 31st, 2023. We value and thank Dr. Mumford for his 19 years of service to Valor Health patients. We look forward to continuing to partner with him and his new practice to deliver local, quality, safe healthcare services to Gem County residents.

We know that sometimes changes such as these can feel disruptive to your routine, and we want to make sure that any transitions to a new provider or location go as smoothly as possible.  For those that opt to follow Dr. Mumford to Gem Family Medicine and Pregnancy Care, Valor Health will ensure your records are transferred upon your request.

Despite this change, you have the option to continue to obtain your primary healthcare services with Valor Health Family Medicine. On the reverse of this letter, you will see our excellent team of primary care providers that are accepting new patients.  If you would like to establish care with a new Valor Health provider, please contact our clinic at (208) 365-6004 to schedule an appointment.  For a full listing of Valor Health services, please visit

Please be aware that you do not have to take any action right now. If you have not yet decided on a provider, you may leave your account as-is and Valor Health will continue to preserve and protect your medical records. Regardless of your selection, there are no restrictions on your access to care at Valor Health. Whether you have an unplanned emergency or urgent care need, or any other service need, our friendly staff is ready to help you. Our goal is to ensure uninterrupted care for you. 

At Valor Health, “Our priority is people”, so please know our team will take good care of you and your family. If we can do anything to make this transition easier or your experience better, we ask you to share your feedback with Clinic Manager, Erika Perez, or Executive Director of Physician Services, Matt Godfrey, as we are here to help.

Your partners in health,

Erika Perez, Clinic Manager, (208) 365-6004

Matt Godfrey, Executive Director of Physician Services, (208) 901-3210