First Valor Healthy Baby of the New Year

First Emmett Baby in 2021

Valor Health loves babies and plans on increasing the OB services it provides to the Gem Community.

The hospital welcomed the first Valor Healthy Baby of the New Year on January 24th, 2018 at 8:07am. Proud parents, Jacob and Tasha Brown and 2 older sisters eagerly awaited the 6.15lb, 20inch baby girl, under the care of Dr. Tina McGuffey.

Delivery Came with Complications

The Brown’s shared the story of Baby Hannah Riley’s more difficult entrance into the world.  Baby Hannah was born with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck, however the doctor and staff remained calm. “The nursing staff is amazing and we appreciate everyone, Dr. McGuffey and the nurses, for all they did for us during and after the delivery,” said the proud parents.

Baby Hannah is also welcomed by grandparents Robert and Andrea Hart and Bill and Jennifer Brown. Hannah was deemed the Valentine’s Baby by the staff, being born right before the Holiday of Love, and further from the actual New Year. Staff was excited to welcome the baby and are looking forward to a fantastic year of births.

Obstetric Nurse Manager, Angie Phillips says that “Valor is expecting more deliveries this year, and we are looking forward to having more babies in the hospital.” Valor Health delivered 42 babies in 2017, with an expected increase of up to 80 babies in 2018.

A Valor Happy Baby means Extensive Training

“Our OB Nurses spent a lot of 2017 training, and are still training to increase our skills and knowledge in preparation for our littlest of patients and their families”. Phillips, who has been with Valor for the past two and a half years, is proud of the OB program and the accomplishments in the past years.

“The department is acquiring new equipment, like the infant hearing screening unit that we recently received from our amazing Auxiliary. Valor Health is utilizing TeamSTEPPS skills and critical thinking, prioritizing patient safety and experience. We have wonderful training opportunities working with the Idaho Simulation Network and other partners. It’s going to be a great year.”

The Brown Family was presented with a Gem Community/ Valor Health New Year’s Baby Basket for a Valor Healthy Baby to commemorate the first birth of the year. This Valentine’s themed basket included gifts donated by businesses and community members.