Tar Wars to 5th Grade students

Shadow Butte Elementary School

On March 13th, Valor Health Hospital brought Tar Wars to all 5th Grade students at Shadow Butte Elementary School. Tar Wars, a tobacco-free education program, focuses on teaching kids what tobacco is, the impact it has on the body, and knowing the facts about tobacco use. Matt March, Valor Athletic Trainer, and Laurel Whittemore, nurse and Clinical Educator at Valor, gave the presentations to a group of nearly 70 students.

“In addition to current information, this is a fun and interactive presentation that gives kids the opportunity to ask lots of questions”, said Laurel. “Another great part of the presentation is teaching children to be confident in themselves.” Hands-on activities and true tobacco stories from kids that are their age help them see how tobacco relates to them and how they can start making decisions about their own bodies and their own futures, while still being sensitive to the fact that many children have family members or family friends that use tobacco.

The 45-60 minute presentation is targeted for 4th to 5th graders. One of the students in attendance was Brinklee Bundy. When asked afterward what she learned about smoking and/or tobacco products, Brinklee simply stated confidently, “Not to do it.”

Additional information on Tar Wars can be found through the American Academy for Pediatric Physicians website. Information on how to quit smoking for you or a loved one can be found at Valor Health by calling 208-365-3561.