Valor Meets DNV Quality Accreditation

Valor Health has successfully completed their 2019 annual DNV-GL accreditation survey. Each year, Valor Health welcomes DNV-GL to conduct an accreditation survey to ensure that the organization is meeting national healthcare regulations in quality and patient safety. DNV-GL is recognized as a healthcare accreditation body by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and is a leading partner in ensuring that organizations are providing safe, high quality, and patient-centered care. During the 2019 DNV survey, Valor Health received several noteworthy efforts from the survey team. These positive comments highlighted a few of Valor Health’s internal achievements which include the following: a patient-centered swing bed program that provides a variety of activities and engagement opportunities by a multi-disciplinary team led by a Certified Activities Director; the workflow and organization of Emmett Medical Center, and an extensive Quality Management System which includes an impressive internal quality audit program.

In order to ensure that Valor Health consistently performs at the highest level of quality as well as in preparation for the annual DNV survey, the Quality and Performance Improvement Department has developed a robust internal quality audit program. Sarah Phipps, RN, Manager of Quality and Performance Improvement shares, “The primary focus of internal quality audits is to ensure that we deliver excellence on a consistent basis. We audit to improve safety, cultivate a culture of quality, and to empower our team to engage with solutions”. The internal quality audit program allows Valor Health to continually evolve and deliver the best patient experience. DNV Surveyor Kyle Patrick noted, “I am impressed with the internal audit process, the amount of staff participating, and the great outcomes”.

Valor Health continues to demonstrate a consistent commitment to continuous quality improvement, patient safety, and excellence in the customized patient experience that Valor Health provides.